The tournament lobby at Lincoln Casino is always an exciting place to be. You may find you can take part in a free roll tournament to start with, or whenever they’ve got some available. But what else might you see at the casino? You’ll soon realize that Lincoln Casino is a leading source of slot tournaments, as we reveal here.

Select only the slots to see those tourneys

One of the things we love most about slot tournaments at Lincoln Casino is that you can easily see which ones involve slots – and which game you’ll play in each event. There were tourneys involving titles such as Jonah Hammer, Mystic Gems, and Fire Hawk Matriarch when we explored the potential recently. We suspect you’ll be able to find as many possibilities as we did too.

Look for free rolls or low entry fees

These tend to influence the size of the prize pool or purse. Free rolls attract a smaller prize purse while the paid entry events can send the purse higher. There could be a rebuy fee too, regardless of whether you originally paid to enter the tournament. Fortunately, Lincoln Casino gives you all the details for each event inside a panel, so you can see whether the event is live, upcoming, and how long it might have left to run if it is live now.

Go between fees, information, and the leaderboard

You can click between the different areas inside each panel to see what’s happening in that event. If you are going to enter one, we recommend doing so at the beginning or at least close to it if you can. Entering at the last minute doesn’t give you much time to work with, and the leaders could already be way out in front.

Free rolls are our favorites

They give you a chance to take part in a tournament at Lincoln Casino along with playing a slot game at no extra charge. You’ll just pay for your spins as usual, and you’ll know there is a chance you may do well in the leaderboard stakes too. Lincoln Casino has one of the best series of tournaments we have seen. Check it out today to see if you agree.