Few casinos offer quite as much information about winning players as Lincoln Casino. You don’t need to worry about the confidentiality aspect though, because the casino only mentions the first name of the betting player. It gives you a lot more detail in other ways though, as you’ll see here.

Which game did each player find their prizes in?

You can find out by looking at the block of information appearing with each winner. For example, when we visited the casino, we spotted that a player called Clint had won several notable prizes while playing the Mile High slot game. Now, he bet significant amounts each time, such as $250 to grab a prize worth $79,910. He also played the same amount and received a further $36,900 from a free spin on the same game.

Find out the basic features for each game too

We liked this feature because it immediately gave us an idea of what each game offered, and therefore whether it might suit us. Mile High offers a betting range of $0.01 to $5 with 25 paylines to cover. There is no bonus in the game, but it does feature free spins. And we got all this info from just four lines of type in the box featuring one of those prize winners.

The boxes feature some of Lincoln Casino’s biggest wins

While some players, like Clint mentioned above, wager big amounts to get a huge return when things go their way, this doesn’t always happen. For example, a player called Rose bet $50 and won $15,980 while playing Funny Moolah. Better still, we spotted a player called Gabriel, who made a wager worth just 15 cents on 7x Lucky Sevens and managed to walk away with an impressive 16,825.12. Don’t forget the 12 cents!

Find plenty of winners and information at Lincoln Casino today

Their Winners Circle is one of the best we have seen, sharing a lot of details about the games, the wagers, and the prizes. None of that info means that you will ever scoop any major prizes at the casino, but we always like to read about people who do. Always stay within your budget when you play at Lincoln Casino and remember that they have lots of games aimed at all manner of players. Are you going to play some as well?